Unique Monument Signs for Overland Park KS!


How do you attract the attention of drivers? The goal is to get the motorist to change lanes in time to enter your parking lot. However, you have plenty of competition. Other businesses are trying to get this driver to turn into their driveways, too. The answer is the installation of unique monument signs for Overland Park KS, businesses. They light up after dark, cause drivers to do the double-take, and create an irresistible marketing message.

Square Monument Signs Fit into Any Landscape

Unique Monument Signs Overland Park KS

Envision a square block that seems to float above the landscaping. In reality, it is a light-colored metal box that rests on a darker base, which hides inside the foliage. Your corporate message displays on all four sides. Doing so ensures that you address motorists and pedestrians coming from any direction. This setup is close to the ground, which makes it unusual. We recommend using a high-gloss finish, which reflects the sunlight and creates a sophisticated visual presentation. After dark, the interior LEDs make the lettering stand out.

The Pylon Greets Drivers from a Long Distance Away

Pylon Monument Signs Overland Park KS

The taller the sign, the more space you have for presenting your corporate message. Moreover, taller signage is an ideal design for catching the eye of the driver who is still farther down the road. When you are competing with other businesses in the area, be the one that has a monument standing head and shoulders above the rest. Illumination ensures that you get attention.

The typical construction consists of metal with some polycarbonate siding. This design allows for a four-fold presentation of your information, which maximizes the display of your details. If size is your primary concern, consider a taller pylon with a box cabinet at the top. Typically, this design appeals to businesses that are located near streets where motorists drive with higher speeds. It gives the driver more time to take in the message.

A Cabinet Monument Combines Form with Function

Cabinet Monument Signs Overland Park KS

Envision a traditional brick and mortar base. Another option is a cement or brick base that features unique style elements to fit into the area’s setup. Next, we add a lightbox cabinet that illuminates from the inside. If you want the maximum space for the display of your message, this is the way to go. Add your tagline, contact information, and corporate logo for brand awareness building. A double-sided display is an excellent choice for boosting visual appeal.

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Have we piqued your interest in trying something different with the landscaping around your company’s property? Discuss your thoughts with our signage specialists. Most importantly, explore how the right signage setup can make a significant difference in the visibility of your brand. Call us today to get started on this project!

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