3 Types of Office Wall Signs In Overland Park KS Businesses Need Now!


Do not assume that you are done marketing and branding simply because the consumer is visiting your office. Quite the opposite is the case. Now is an excellent time to reinforce your brand message and underscore what makes your firm the right choice. One facet of this experience is the use of the right office wall signs in Overland Park, KS.

Lobby Signs Set the Tone for Interactions with Your Team

Office Wall Signs Overland Park KS Lobby Signs

Does your company focus on customer care? Do you operate a firm in an avant-garde niche? Do you want to highlight the fact that your products are artistic or technical? The lobby sign is an ideal way of communicating this information with individual style elements.

  • Material selection. Acrylic and metal are excellent choices for the firm that wants to underscore creativity as well as longevity in a niche. Sign foam is an outstanding medium for highlighting originality. Opt for PVC to bespeak your ingenuity and professionalism.
  • Mounting options. Typically, we mount lobby logo boards to the wall with brushed aluminum standoffs. However, there are other options as well. Airplane cables add a touch of chic and sophistication to the mix. Moreover, they let you get away from a wall install.
  • Display locations. Choose the focal wall of the lobby, even if it is not right behind the receptionist’s desk. In fact, some offices purposefully shift the focus of the venue away from that location. Doing so opens up a wall for additional branding elements.

Dimensional Lettering Repeats Your Brand Message

Office Wall Signs Overland Park KS 3D Wall Lettering

The lobby sign is only one choice. Consider repeating the display of your corporate persona in a conference room. There, it goes on the wall right behind the seating that the customer service representative typically selects. In this way, it is always in the line of sight of prospective customers. Stairwells and hallways are additional display areas for dimensional letters.

Wayfinding Signs Underscore Your Name and Logo

Office Wall Signs Overland Park KS Wayfinding Signs

Because most wayfinding signs require ADA compliance, we recommend the use of acrylic. It is highly durable and ideally suited for dimensional letters, numerals, and Braille. We recommend the use of a corporate color as the base tone. From there, we help you select a contrast color for meeting the visual requirements. It is possible to include your name and logo as a watermark, which shows your corporate persona on any marker that points customers in the direction of sought-after amenities or essential locales within your office.

Find out more about office wall signs in Overland Park, KS, by discussing your thoughts with our graphic artist.

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