3 Types of Signs in Shawnee KS Every Retailer Needs!


Retail signage has a direct connection to the success of your operation. Do you want to stand out? Have the right signs! Are you courting the impulse buy? Signs can make it happen. Is there a holiday coming up? Showcase the store’s relevance for your shoppers’ buying needs – with signs. Which are three signs in Shawnee, KS, every retailer needs?

Outdoor Signs Have the Power to Turn Passersby into Shoppers

3 Types of signs in Shawnee KS every retailer needs

Entice casual passersby to enter your store. Show them something that will make them do the double-take. Most retailers have a building sign, which is a necessity. Options include lightbox cabinets and dimensional or channel letters. However, that is only the beginning. Add more outdoor signs to get your message across. Ideally, they will all connect and expand on your brand message.

Sidewalk Signs for Retailers in Shawnee KS

  • A-frames. The A-frame is a staple for the changing message. Besides that, place it into the path of foot traffic and see passersby slow down.
  • Window graphics. Window lettering and graphics are a little more permanent. They are also excellent options for going into detail about your advertising.
  • Café barriers. Get out the custom-imprinted café barriers for a brand display. They work well for framing sidewalk sale items.

Wayfinding Signs Make Your Store a Snap to Navigate

Directory wayfinding signs for retailers in Shawnee KS

The shopper walks in. Is your store small? Does it feel crowded? Do not let a shopper get frustrated and walk out again. Wayfinding signs guide shoppers to areas of interest. If you have aisles, label them. If you have various shelving units, group them with relevant signage. Overhead signs and floor graphics are always good options. These signs have the power to convert the shopper into a buyer.

Point of Sale Signs Encourage the Impulse Buy

Point of Purchase Signs for Retailers in Shawnee KS

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to point of sale signs. The goal is to persuade the buyer to consider an additional purchase. Clothing retailers have perfected this setup with banner stands featuring large images of happy customers wearing the item in question with a great accessory. However, you do not have to operate a clothing store to take advantage of this signage setup. Add banners, shelf-mounted displays, or floor graphics that show the product as well as related items.

Ask for the Signs in Shawnee, KS, Every Retailer Needs

Investing in the right set of signs can set you apart from the competition. In addition, it can have a significant impact on your store’s bottom line. But do not guess. Invite our team out for a site survey. We can show you what signs you already have that are working great and which ones you still need. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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