Shawnee, KS – Lobby Signs in Museums


When you are looking to represent your museum in the best way possible, one of the most effective ways to do this is through lobby signs. Just walking into a museum can be a daunting experience. The lobby may stretch out in both directions and the long spaces will be filled with information for you to notice at once. Especially if you have never been here before, museums may seem bewildering and more than a bit mystifying.

Museums are unique places to visit and very varied. Some are small, with the experience concentrated into a few minutes, while others would take days to see everything as you meander through. Museums are some of the best places for people to come face to face with history, with other civilizations, and ancient times. Whatever your museum provides, it will be enhanced by a welcoming and reassuring lobby sign.

Well-placed lobby signs inside museums can make all the difference. We know about the right kinds of signs to use in lobbies and we will show you what works best and what to leave alone. We recommend neat, crisp lettering on your lobby signage, so that every sign is easy to read. Simple texts tend to work best on these signs, which is why many establishments leave off embellishments, cursive lettering, and so on. They use these elements on other signs.

Lobby signs in museums should be big enough and bold enough to be read and understood quickly. Other signs throughout the museum need not have the same boldness and size. Since a lobby sign points out all there is to see, however, it should be big and understandable for everyone.

When considering museum signage, it’s wise to keep in mind that many people will be first-time visitors and know nothing about where they are or what they can experience. Make their experience a memorable one by using lobby signs to coordinate all museum signs in terms of style and content. This will keep things simple and clear. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we get the exact look you want.

Museums often occupy multiple levels and may be frequented by large numbers at the same time. To make visitor experiences as pleasurable and stress-free as possible, it can be helpful to have lobby signs correspond with the appearance of the rest of the museum.

Lobby signs in museums should inform your visitors about every aspect of the museum, including eateries, restroom facilities, gift shops, ADA information, and all safety signs that guests should know about. With professional signage services, including design, manufacture, and installation, you can give your visitors the best experience possible as they navigate teach exhibit space.

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