Shawnee, KS – Ceiling Graphics for Museums


Ceilings often get neglected in buildings. Everybody understands the reasons for applying wall graphics to add color and excitement to a room. People often forget their floor space. Look down, though, and you will sometimes see some attention to detail there. Ceilings? Not so much. Once people see our stunning range of artificial sky and sky light ceiling graphics, however, they are usually extremely impressed.

An artificial sky graphic gives visual splendor of having a sky light in your ceiling but without the cost. You even get to choose the weather to display. Usually, people opt for a bright blue sky, perhaps with wispy, encroaching clouds. Add a luxuriant tree canopy, if you choose. You could even insist upon a helicopter. It’s your vista; we can make it as imaginative as you like.

Our sky light graphics work brilliantly in any museum, and they really set the scene in art museums. All that white space is great for accentuating framed works of art; a sky light graphic adds a reassuring breath of nature. An extra touch like this can improve the atmosphere of a room and the viewing experience for your visitors.

Our sky light graphics are printed directly onto ceiling tiles. We use standard sizes but we can also cut custom sizes to suit your needs. Our acoustic tiles are fire rated to the highest specifications. We also print onto special LED tiles that replace the light diffuser panels in your existing fluorescent ceiling tiles. These give a calming, luminescent look that is stunning. We use only the best graded UV, fade-resistant inks for printing.

Of course, you don’t need to have an artificial sky displayed on your ceiling. The beauty of our ceiling graphics is that we can print any design that complements your museum. For example, if it’s an aircraft museum, we can display planes in flight. For a nautical museum, we could display the sea, schools of fish, or ships. The images can be brightly illuminated or not. Either way, a thoughtful ceiling graphic will draw gasps of wonder from your visitors.

Don’t neglect your ceiling. Give it the same attention as your walls. Call us today and we’ll show you how we can enhance the ambiance of your museum and ensure it becomes a place people want to visit time and time again.

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