Shawnee, KS – Indoor Signs for Law Offices


When you work in a law office, you understand that looking professional gets you clients. That is one reason that law offices often have impressive-looking leather chairs, framed documents, and more to demonstrate that their office is a serious law firm with a proud and successful history. That is why owners of law firms consider every detail – from the carpets to the plants to their letterhead. First impressions are a big deal in the law world. Clients want to be reassured that they are talking to a lawyer that pays attention to detail and looks and acts professionally.

Signs can help to create a solid first impression that lasts. Indoors, a law firm will benefit from a letterhead sign on the wall. Letterhead signs are often the first impression you give to new clients, so you’ll want to make it impressive.

Lobby signs are also helpful for making visitors feel at ease and ensuring the correct atmosphere. They can say things like “The Receptionist Will Be Right With You” or “Please Turn Off All Cell Phones.” Then use directional signs to point your clients toward the elevators, the restrooms, the exits and more.

It is also worth considering signs to be installed on every door, informing your clients and staff what is behind every door. You’ll need to label things like the restrooms, the break room, the conference room, the exits, and the offices. Do so with style, with custom designs that reflect your branding and give a consistent feel throughout your office.

We also have the expertise to go through your existing ADA signage to be sure you are compliant. We can help you become compliant if needed. As someone in the law field, you are sure to understand the importance of being covered against lawsuits.

Not only can we produce indoor signs but we can also make outdoor signs. We can handle your entrance signs, monument signs, post and pole signs, illuminated channel letter signs, and many more. Monument signs are a popular choice for law offices because they are elegant and stately.


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