RJ Construction Promotes Business with Contractor Truck Wraps in Lenexa KS


RJ Construction’s Lenexa operations do business at 10672 Widmer Road. This company was founded in 2007 and built a name for itself as a premier roofing, home construction, and commercial build-out contractor. It advertises its services with fleet wraps. When the firm needed contractor truck wraps in Lenexa, KS, a representative contacted our shop for assistance.

Advertising with Contractor Wraps That Stand Out

Truck wraps in Lenexa KS

When you want to go for the gusto, it pays to stand out. RJ Construction achieves this goal with ease. The wrap starts with a white and blue backdrop. Envision a full camouflage display where the green and brown tones are replaced with white and blue hues. You cannot help but look up when this truck rolls by.

The company decided to treat all of its fleet vehicles in a similar manner. The white lettering stands out against the backdrop. It spells out the corporate persona as well as the firm’s niche. Contact information rounds out the presentation. Whether this truck does business in its regular service territory or drives somewhere new, people notice it without fail.

Statistics Prove that Advertising with Truck Wraps Works

Contractor Truck Graphics in Lenexa KS

Vinyl wrap material manufacturer 3M wanted to know how effective advertising with fleet vehicle graphics can be. They uncovered that the budget-friendly fleet wrap could present businesses with staggering results. For starters, it is possible for one treated truck to generate impressions that might reach up to 16 million each year. Of course, your actual number depends on the cities where you will be driving your fleet vehicles.

Now, multiply this astonishing level of visibility by the number of cars, trucks, or vans that are part of your fleet. It is clear that getting your company’s information in front of consumers has never been easier. Statistics also prove that 97 percent of interviewed consumers remember an advertisement that they saw displayed on a truck. Ninety-eight percent felt that the ad contributed to a firm’s positive image.

Working with Experts to Design Your Promotional Truck Wrap

Contractor Fleet Graphics Lenexa KS

A graphic artist can help you design a compelling setup. Whether you need help with one vehicle or an entire fleet, this professional works with your specs or creates something new from the ground up.

If you are not yet taking advantage of this advertising medium, you are clearly missing out. Learn more about contractor truck wraps in Lenexa, KS, by discussing your plans with the experts at Prairie Fire Signs and Graphics.

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