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Does your Kansas office or storefront need a lobby sign? Do you want it to represent your corporate brand with finesse and pizzazz? The Prairie Fire Signs and Graphics one-stop guide to lobby signs makes this process a little easier.

Select the Sign’s Basic Appearance

3D Letter Lobby Signs Kansas

Should you choose a logo board? It is the ideal option when wall space is limited. The panel ensures that your lettering displays at the right spacing to make the best use of the space provided. Of course, it also works for very large areas. Choose from see-through acrylic with vinyl overlays or metal with push-through acrylic lettering.

Dimensional letters are the other option. Material choices include acrylic, metal, sign foam, or PVC. Our team helps you decide on the right sizing to create a visually appealing presentation of the display. We can adjust the spacing to fill up a larger wall surface.

Communicate a Brand Message with Innovation

Acrylic Lobby Signs Kansas

At the heart of the lobby sign is the brand message. How does the sign communicate what your business is all about? In the case of a firm that positions itself as a thought leader in its niche, we suggest the use of material combinations such as metal and acrylic.

Playing around with the three-dimensional aspect of the signage is another excellent option. Choosing foam lets us create impressive designs that you can boost with the right setup of spotlights. For a company that identifies itself as an innovator and risk taker, this is a great way to express the sentiment.

Pick out the Add-Ons

3D Letter Logo Lobby Signs

Our one-stop guide to lobby signs would be incomplete without mentioning the add-ons that make the sign pop. They catch the eye and ensure that your customer does not forget the name of your venue. One example is the selection of the mounting hardware. Airplane cables are quickly gaining in popularity. However, brushed metal standoffs are the option that most business clients choose at this time.

Lighting is another add-on that can make a great impression on your customers. We can hide LEDs behind a logo board or incorporate them into a metal construction with push-through letters. Some company owners have begun ordering scaled-down channel letters for the interior.

Areas We Serve for Lobby Signs in Kansas

Backlit lobby signs Kansas

Prairie Fire Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around Kansas City, Lenexa, Overland Park, and Shawnee, KS. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to commission your sign.

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