Barry Pointe Shines with Monument Sign Refurbishing in Kansas City KS!


Barry Pointe is a commercial property managed by Colliers International. It is home to several physicians’ offices as well as companies in the financial sector. To accommodate the branding needs of the new tenants, the management company hired us to undertake a monument sign refurbishing in Kansas City KS.

Creative Refurbishing Gives an Old Sign a Fresh Façade

Monument Sign Refurbishing Kansas City KS

We worked with the client to overhaul the sign’s appearance. We started by placing the address portion on the pillar of the brick and mortar monument itself. Doing so freed up space on the facing of the sign. As a result, our technicians were able to identify the name of the venue as well as of the individual entities doing business there. By keeping each panel at an identical size, it was possible to present a consistent appearance to the consumer. The sign now identifies the building with its address as well as its tenants.

You Do Not Have to Spend a Mint to Have a Great-Looking Sign

Property management companies know that there is no need to commission a new monument sign every time new tenants move in. Moreover, these experts realize that this is one of the signs that can withstand the test of time with proper treatment. Examples include cleaning the sign, repainting it every so often, and changing out facing displays.

Some companies can enjoy the full life of the sign by following these steps. For a brick and mortar sign, this means measuring the span in decades rather than years. A skilled signage technician can switch out dimensional letters for a panel, add channel letters, or alter a brand’s appearance with the addition (or removal) of embellishments. We recommend booking a consultation with our expert before deciding on your project.

Making This Understanding Work for the Business Owner

Double sided monument sign refurbishing Kansas City KS

Take a page from the playbook of Colliers International when you move to a new office. You do not have to be a property manager to realize the savings that leftover signage from a prior tenant provides. Our team routinely works with individual business clients who choose to undergo a monument sign refurbishing in Kansas City KS.

For many, this money-saving opportunity creates the first marketing and branding message that prospective consumers see. Because you save so much money, you can easily put it toward a building sign that then augments the monument’s message. Find out more about your options by contacting the design specialists at Prairie Fire Signs and Graphics today.

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