BethAnn’s Boutique Brands with Front and Rear 3D Building Letters in Platte City MO


The first thing you notice about Platte City is the friendly atmosphere. Next, you see gorgeous trees, red brick walls, and wrought iron lanterns. This is not the type of city where you put a standard sign on a business’ façade and call it a day. Good examples of that are the front and rear 3D building letters in Platte City, MO, that we installed for BethAnn’s Boutique.

Chic Boutique Brands with a Set of Building Letters

3D Letter Building Signs in Platte City MO

You find BethAnn’s Boutique at 1303 Platte Falls Road. Hot pink is the official color of the store. The business serves women of all ages in need of great-looking clothes and must-have accessories. In addition to the store, the company also hosts private parties, which let consumers engage with the brand in comfortable settings.

Building Sign Installation in Platte City MO

When the boutique contacted our sign shop to discuss the design of dimensional letters, we visited the location. Sandwiched between two other businesses, it already stood out. However, it did not yet have the façade branding that would allow it to make a splash. We worked with the client to design a signage product that would encapsulate its brand message.

Rear Building Signs in Platte City MO

We started with acrylic sheets that we cut into the shape of the letters. Our technicians were sure to replicate the corporate font. Next, we painted the signage to feature the telltale hot pink color. Finally, we installed the letters in the front and back of the location. To ensure that the marker would be seen after dark, we also added three gooseneck lights above the front sign.

Impressing the Shopper with Front and Rear 3D Building Letters in Platte City, MO

Front and Rear 3D Building Letters in Platte City MO

BethAnn’s Boutique succeeds in grabbing the eye with its signage design. The brand expression perfectly sums up what makes the company unique. Moreover, the addition of light sources is the special touch that helps the venue to stand out among competitors. Another advantage of a well-designed building sign is the ease with which you can combine it with other signage solutions. Examples include A-frames as well as window graphics.

When this sounds like something that you would like to accomplish with your signage setup, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artist. Not only do we assist you with the design of the lettering, but we can also help you pick the best installation method and material choice that allows you to differentiate yourself from nearby businesses. Contact us today!

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