Interior Window Graphics to Brand & Decorate Your Office


Businesses with lots of glass walls benefit from using their windows as a marketing medium. Window films or window graphics are colorful sheets pasted on a window to grab customers’ attention. These interior window graphics also add an element of decoration to your store. They can be customized into all styles and sizes and offer limitless ideas to design impactful concepts for large and small windows.

Types Of Window Graphics

There’s a wide variety of window graphics in the market, but we can broadly categorize them into two types:

  • Full Window Graphics
  • Frosted Vinyl Graphics

  1. Full Window Graphics
window film graphics by Prairie Fire Signs
Theres a wide variety of window graphics in the market

Full window graphics are meant to grab the attention of customers. They tell your brand’s story by creating the desired ambiance over an entire window or creating custom shapes of your logo or other details on the inside or outside of your windows. They are catchy, bold, and can fill up the entire window or more to create large murals, allowing your branding, photos, or sales pitch to be advertised with a more significant impact.

  1. Frosted Vinyl Graphics

These offer your store some privacy by giving windows a look of frosted glass without stopping natural light from coming into the store. Ideal for permanent and semi-permanent installations, frosted vinyl graphics can be cut into letters or different designs and shapes as per your requirement.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re using them as an advertising medium or as a means to add a pop of color to your interior, the versatility and boldness of window films are what make them a popular advertising and medium in high foot and/or drive-by traffic areas.

You must be very mindful of the purpose you want your window graphics to fulfill. You can decide that by yourself or hire a signage company to help you design high-quality window films for your business while providing outstanding support.

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