Why Custom Signs Are Crucial to Your Brand


When you first visit a mall, how do you know what brand you want to shop from? It’s their signage that makes it possible for you to locate them. Every business understands that their logo is the first impression of their brand, and investing in custom signs can help make their mark in a crowded marketplace.

Custom signs are a necessity in today’s competitive market. Here’s why it is a good idea to invest in custom business signage:

Brand Exposure

A catchy logo, distinct font style, and carefully customized sign will communicate your brand message, value, and culture and ensure your brand name gets imprinted in people’s minds for long. Your signage makes you stand out from the competition and gains the traction needed to convert the casual onlooker into a paying customer.

Prairie Fire custom Signs and Graphics in Kansas City
We create custom signs that transforms your storefront and delivers a clear brand message

24/7 Marketing

Probably the best reason you should invest in custom signage is that it faithfully announces your identity 24×7, 365 days a year! It pays to have a well-lit exterior sign so it can advertise your business all year long. With the help of vehicle wraps (a kind of exterior signage), you can advertise your brand, create exposure, and grab people’s attention by driving or parking the said vehicle in areas receiving the most public interactions.

One Time Investment

Custom signs are cost-effective because you only have to pay for them once. They require minimal repairs and usually last for years to come. Traditional marketing methods and social media marketing require monthly or annual payments, whereas custom signs are a passive marketing tool that requires one-time payment only.

Store Aesthetics

The interior of your business is as essential for generating sales as the exterior. The brightly painted walls and well-lit store can be made to look even more visually appealing by adding directional signage and maybe a custom business sign and using it as a centerpiece of your business space.

Your custom sign can make your brand a household name by making people familiar with it. Investing in one should be a critical part of your marketing and advertising business strategy. For more information about designing your own custom sign, feel free to contact us.

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