Types of Building Signs and How to Choose the Right One for Your Business


Brands visually communicate with their potential and regular customers through exterior building signs. Grabbing their attention, inviting them in, and being the first point of contact between the brand and the product or service being sold, what is it that these exterior signs can’t do? 

With extensive options present in different signs, each type has its advantages.

Types of Exterior Business Signs

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The following types of business signs can be used to create a positive customer experience:

  1. Channel Letters Signs
  2. Monument Signs
  3. Cabinet Signs
  4. Awning Signs

Channel Letters Signs – These are individual cut letters used to announce your brand name in the size, font, and color of your choice. They are usually harder to install and can be illuminated depending upon the client’s choice and the state’s regulations.

Monument Signs – As depicted by their name, monument signs are small or large signs mimicking the architecture of the building they’re promoting. They are found along with the names on walls or the entrance to hospitals, educational institutes, shopping malls, and residential communities.

Cabinet Signs – These are the most commonly seen electrical business signs. Less expensive than channel letter signs, they allow the brands to display vibrant letters economically. Cabinet signs can display detailed texts, and they come in multi-colored designs.

Awning Signs – Awnings are unique signage to grab customers’ attention while identifying entrances. An awning consists of a vinyl canopy and comes with an option of being internally illuminated. They are an eye-catching sign to add to the building’s front. 

How to Select the Best Sign 

Start by considering your brand and logo style when deciding the type of building sign you want to invest in. The style you select should stand out in a way that positively impacts your business by bringing traffic to it. The location of the said sign matters a lot – the entrance, side of the building, and the front wall; this will affect both the style and size of your chosen building sign

Exterior signage attracts customers by making a lasting impression, so you should select a company you absolutely trust for designing the signs for your business. 

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