Essential Corporate Signage Design Details


Corporate signage design details are often overlooked, but they play an important role in determining how your business will be perceived by the people who visit your storefront or office building. People from all walks of life encounter corporate signage on a daily basis, so it’s critical to get this element of your brand right.

Qualities of Great Corporate Signage

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<strong>Corporate signage<strong> should look like a million bucks

Logo Signs/Building Signs/Monument Signs make your corporation look more professional and confident. Make sure that all of your signage is cohesive, sleek, impactful, bold, and high-quality. Corporate signage should look like a million bucks, without breaking your budget. Make sure to use high-quality materials, along with colors and design that are crisp and bright and bold. We’ve seen corporate signage that was washed out and not appealing to the eye. If you’re going to invest in it, put in the time to get it right! The color scheme needs to be cohesive with your logo, as well as other collateral such as print media or marketing campaigns. When picking out colors for corporate signs remember:

  • Red = Passionate
  • Green = Nature
  • Blue = Serene
  • Purple = Classy

Custom Corporate Signage

Signs provide a clear and concise message to your customers. They help you get your business name out there, establish a professional image, and give people directions. A custom sign will make an impression on visitors to your office or business establishment, not just when they arrive but also as they are leaving. It’s essential that the signage is designed in a way that matches the style of your logo or branding with colors that complement it.

Prairie Fire Signs and Graphics Can Help You

Design is an essential component of a successful business, and it’s just as important for corporations. Your signage should always be cohesive, sleek, impactful, bold, and high-quality. If you are updating existing corporate signage, or adding to an existing signage strategy, we can perfectly match the design, colors, and font with the latest technology in large-format printing. Prairie Fire Signs and Graphics signs will live up to your brand reputation.

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