Check Out These Construction Job Site Signs in Shawnee KS for New Senior Living Facility!


Calamar is a thought leader in the field of building design and construction. Recently, this company started work on a new senior living facility project. As is the case with any job site, safety is crucial. The business’ management team contacted our shop to order customized construction job site signs in Shawnee KS.

Five Metal Signs Ensure Smooth Operations at the Building Site

Construction Job Site Signs Shawnee Ks

After consulting with our client, we got to work on the design of the products. We selected eight-foot U-channel sign posts that feature pre-drilled holes in solid steel construction. The sign panels are metal, too. Three of them have 1.5-inch radius-rounded corners. The other two display with regular edges.

The three signs with rounded edges are smaller and display black on white vinyl messages that outline parking options. For the other ones, we chose black lettering against a red backdrop. They spell out warnings that trucks are entering ahead. Differentiating the signage colors by their meaning is a good idea for the overall safety of the venue.

Combining Metal Facings with Vinyl Overlays for Clarity and Durability

Could we have imprinted the metal signs with the messages directly? Sure. However, it makes more sense to select vinyl overlays.

  • Durability. We use durable 3M vinyl that cleans up easily. It ensures the consistent visibility of your messages. No matter how many times you clean up the product, the printed words do not come off.
  • Visibility options. Choose reflective vinyl to make your message stand out even more. Many industrial settings prefer their signage to have a reflective component for added safety after dark.
  • Sign changes. There is no need to keep ordering new signs. When you finish at one project and need new signs for another one, we can re-use these products and put new vinyl overlays on them. Doing so saves you time and money.

Additional Construction Job Site Signs in Shawnee KS

Depending on the scope of the project, you might need additional signage solutions for your construction site. Examples include mandatory safety signs that alert visitors and workers to the location of hardhat areas. Other signage might identify where to find eyewash stations and first aid kits.

No matter what your site’s signage needs are, we can help. In addition to safety products, we also assist construction companies with real estate signs for marketing purposes, mesh fence covers that display your corporate details, and banners for advertising the firm or its subcontractors. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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