What Are Your Channel Letter Sign Choices in Kansas?


The channel letter is one of the most popular building signs for businesses. It combines the presentation of a particular font with your unique color selection. Even here, you have many options. What are channel letter sign choices in Kansas?

Flush-Mounted, Raceway-Mounted, or Offset-Mounted Letters

Channel Letter Sign Choices in Shawnee KS

The flush mount is a favorite. It lets our team install the letters directly to the façade. Doing so is possible when we can access them from behind the wall to finish the hookup of the electrical wiring. When this is not possible, a raceway mount is a good alternative.

In this scenario, we place the electrical wiring into a box that we paint in the same color as the façade. Next, we mount the lettering to the front of the box. Finally, you may notice that some letters install with offsets. Business owners opt for this setup to achieve a particular type of illumination effect.

Front-Lit, Halo-Lit, or Combination-Lit

Channel Letter Sign Choices Overland Park KS

The front-lit channel letters are closed off with an acrylic or polycarbonate front. When the built-in LEDs come on, the illumination shines through this material. It creates a bold presentation of your font and corporate palette. However, it is also possible to close off the fronts with aluminum that we paint in your corporate hues.

Next, we close the backs with translucent polycarbonate. By mounting the letters with two-inch offsets, you can achieve a halo effect. The light reflects off the wall’s surface and bathes each letter in a soft glow of illumination. This appearance is chic, modern, and appeals to upscale eateries as well as retail establishments.

Channel Letter Sign Choices Lenexa KS

Combination lighting is a new trend that more and more companies embrace. It gives you the best of both front and halo-lit setups. In the past, you would lose some of the light’s brightness. We fixed this problem by incorporating more LEDs in the construction of the sign.

A Word on Panel-Mounted and Unlit Channel Letter Sign Choices in Kansas

Channel Letter Sign Choices Kansas City KS

When your corporate colors and façade tones clash or do not offer sufficient differentiation, we can rectify the situation with a panel mount. By selecting a color that complements both hues but also provides visual distinction, you do not have to compromise with an alternative tone. Non-lit channel letters are an option for companies that do not need the illumination after dark but want the three-dimensional effect that the product provides.

Learn more about your options by contacting us today. Prairie Fire Signs and Graphics serves business owners in and around Shawnee, Overland Park, Lenexa, Kansas City, and any surrounding areas.

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