Be New Youth Center Shines with Panel Signs and Cabinet Signs in Tonganoxie KS!


Located at 707 East 4th Street, the Be New Youth Center is a community-focused locale that provides youth development opportunities for program participants. To help people find the venue and just to stand out, the center commissioned several cabinet signs in Tonganoxie, KS.

Lightbox Cabinet Signs in Tonganoxie KS

Working with the Youth Center to Create Attractive Signage Solutions

We worked with the management team of the center to put together a comprehensive building sign solution consisting of three separate products.

Building Sign Installation Tonganoxie KS

  • Illuminated cabinet sign. For the front of the venue, we put together a backlit flexface setup that measures six feet by 10 feet. We retrofitted the existing aluminum structure with new LEDs. The old product still had fluorescent lamps that are expensive to operate. Our technicians used our lift-truck to reach the sign that is 20 feet up.
  • Aluminum composite panel. For the rear, we put together a five-foot-by-nine-foot sign. We used aluminum composite material that we clad with imprinted 3M vinyl. A laminate ensures that the good looks of the signs remain protected. We used painted mounting screws.
  • Smaller aluminum composite panel. For the side, our team manufactured a four-foot-by-eight-foot sign. We used the same setup as we did for the rear-facing sign.

Wayfinding Signage is Vital

Aluminum composite panel signs in Tonganoxie KS

Take a page from the playbook of the Be New Youth Center, and outfit your location with highly visible signage. There are plenty of options open to you. An aluminum panel with imprinted vinyl is a great option when your façade already has lighting installed. When it comes on after dark, the sign is easy to see.

Lit signage is the best option for the primary marker. Choose a lightbox cabinet or channel letters. Either product illuminates from within and underscores your branding. Even here, you have additional choices. For example, box cabinets may have pan-faced or embossed polycarbonate fronts, which can add a three-dimensional visional appeal.

Channel letters come in front and back-lit options. You choose how you want the light to display your sign. Front-lit setups are by far the most popular presentations. They increase the bolded effect of your colors and font. The halo effect that back-lit signage creates offers an elegant look.

Putting Together a Look That Suits Your Brand

Panel Signs for Buildings in Tonganoxie KS

Do not leave your wayfinding presentation to chance. Work with our team to create a sign, which emphasizes your message. Be seen during the daytime as well as after dark. In fact, let your sign be a beacon for clients and customers alike. Learn more about cabinet signs in Tonganoxie, KS, today!

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