Top Choices for Exterior Signs in Overland Park KS


How do you encourage the impulse stop at your location? Most retailers know that this stop can make or break the company’s fiscal health. However, did you know that the impulse stop is also essential for service businesses? Tax accountants, beauty salons, and other enterprises can benefit from having the right exterior signs in Overland Park, KS, which might cause the consumer to make an unscheduled stop at their locations. What are your options?

Channel Letters Combine Form with Function

Exterior Signs Channel Letters Overland Park KS

There is no better way to portray your corporate color palette and font than with a set of channel letters. We can adjust these signs to display at the ideal height and width for the façade space you can allocate. Most importantly, you have illumination options. Most Overland Park, KS, business clients prefer front-lit lettering. That said, you might also opt for a halo-lit appearance.

Dimensional Lettering Creates a Contemporary Display without Illumination

Dimensional Letter Exterior Signs Overland Park KS

If you already have façade lighting in place and do not need illuminated signage, consider the use of dimensional letters. They do everything channel letters can – except they do not light up. Moreover, they do not typically provide the impressive three-dimensional display of the channel letter. However, they open the door to a broad range of material options. Examples include metal, acrylic, and budget-friendly sign foam.

Provide Must-Know Brand Details with Illuminated Cabinets

Exterior Signs Cabinet Signs Overland Park KS

The standard cabinet sign comes in a rectangular shape. However, you might also opt for another geometric form or something customized. It features LEDs on the inside. The front consists of a polycarbonate sheet. We can imprint it with your information or add a vinyl overlay that shows off your company’s name, logo, and niche details. This signage design lets you go into depth about what makes your business unique. Some business owners have asked for the use of embossed style elements, which bring three-dimensional pizzazz to the mix.

Monument Signs Address Drivers and Offer a First Look at Your Brand Message

Exterior Signs Monument Signs Overland Park KS

Impress the consumer with a brand presentation before s/he pulls into your driveway or parking lot. This sign typically sits at the entrance to your location. It is a good option for ensuring that drivers know where to make the turn. Most monument signs are low to the ground. If you want to go tall, select one of our pylon designs.

Learn more about your options when choosing exterior signs in Overland Park, KS. Discuss your plans with our experts today.

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