All You Need to Know About Cabinet Signs in Overland Park KS


The lightbox cabinet is a fantastic add-on to any channel letter sign. It frequently takes the place of the logo or the niche differentiation. However, did you know that cabinet signs in Overland Park, KS, also work well as stand-alone markers for featuring your corporate persona – and more?

Manufacturing a Cabinet Sign

Cabinet Signs in Overland Park KS

We use lightweight aluminum to assemble the cabinet. It ensures that this signage solution is well-suited for all types of facades. Typical signs have the appearance of elongated rectangles. However, this is not your only option. Our team can also make them square, round, or in the shape of your logo.

Selecting the Presentation of Your Name and Symbol

Technicians insert LEDs, which illuminate the sign from the inside. Next, they close up the construction with polycarbonate. There are several choices for the display.

Lightbox Cabinet Signs Overland Park KS

  • Vinyl Overlay. We imprint your information on good-quality vinyl. It displays gradient color changes, contact information, your company’s name, a logo, and anything else that you want consumers to learn about your business. After dark, it lights up and attracts attention.
  • Embossed Lettering. When you only present your company’s name and logo, consider having these details embossed. Doing so adds a three-dimensional visual appeal to the look. We can add color to make the information stand out even more.
  • Direct Imprint. Some business clients ask us to print on the polycarbonate itself. We gladly do so. However, when you decide to redo your brand information down the line, we will have to add a new polycarbonate sheet.

Augmenting the Marketing and Branding Messages of a Cabinet Sign

Electrical Cabinet Signs Overland Park KS

Cabinet signs are good choices for facades because you can adjust the height and width of the product depending on the building front. Moreover, you can support the message with additional markers. For example, some clients opt to spell out details about their niche differentiation with smaller channel letters. Others ask us to make cabinets in decorative shapes to boost brand awareness among shoppers.

Not Just for Standard Building Signs

Cabinet Monument Signs Overland Park KS

Of course, where cabinet signs in Overland Park, KS, genuinely shine is their versatility. You do not have to limit yourself to only selecting the signage for the building’s front. It is also an ideal add-on for a monument or pylon sign. There, its sizing versatility lets it become a significant aspect of your brand display and wayfinding features. Moreover, it is possible to combine the cabinets with LED reader boards that allow you to display up-to-the-minute marketing information.

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