Shawnee, KS – Indoor Signs at City Hall


There are any number of reasons to visit your local city hall or municipal building. Usually, people arrive with things they need or must complete. Anyone who has stepped inside your city hall, will know that it could be a challenge to find your way around without help. Properly-placed indoor signs will make all the difference for city and government buildings.

Every city hall and municipal building houses many departments. You will find the Department of Administration, Department of Finance, Department of Inspections and Land Use, the Mayor’s Office and his/her staff, Public Works, Recreation and so on. These departments are further broken down into smaller units.

When you need a building permit, to renew a dog license, or to get a marriage license, you will most likely need to be walking in different directions. Maybe you’re there to pay a water bill, or need someone to inspect new housing, or you are at odds with the tax assessor and have an appointment to talk about it. These things can be stressful enough without having trouble navigating the building itself.

Good indoor signs should be available for everyone, whatever their needs. Immediately upon walking in the door, visitors should know that their City Hall is there to help. There should be no mystery as to what is inside the building, nor where.

Good indoor signs for any city and government buildings include:

Navigational signs. These could begin with a wall map of the entire building, indicating the point of entry. Navigational signs then point people in the direction they should go without any assistance.

Entrance and Exit signs. Not every door at the end of a hall is a way out. Every entrance and exit should be marked as such to help the large numbers of people who will be unfamiliar with the building.

Wall Signs. These can be anything from points of interest, to where to find the restrooms. Every useful aspect of a city and government building needs to be marked for visitors.

Directories. Here is where every department, clerk’s office, manager, and personnel will be listed. Many government buildings are housed in multi-floor buildings and people need to know where they are going.

Wall, Window and Door graphics. Since every office or department should be clearly marked, glass doors and windows provide an opportunity for attractive and efficient signage.

We have many ideas, both creative and traditional, that will help you improve your government buildings and the experiences of your staff and visitors. Give us a call today to find out more.

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