Shawnee, KS – Building Signs in Universities


If you haven’t been to your local college or university lately, these institutions make great use of building signs for their marketing and branding. Not every university is well-known. For those in need of a kickstart, there is nothing like building signs to improve an image.

Your school image or brand is important for a number of reasons, which resonate with students, faculties, and the general public. You should also consider that – when you ask people to visit your location – the last thing you want is for them to feel lost or uncomfortable.

Think of the student making that all-important first time visit to your school. Prospective students and their families are looking for a good impression. Building signs are a key part of getting that job done.

Building signs come in all sizes and shapes. There are those that adhere to exterior and interior walls, freestanding signs, wayfinding signs, access-related signs, and, of course, signs for every department and building on campus. We are expert at showing you how you can make all of your building signs look uniform and recognizable as your brand.

Universities and colleges everywhere are communities. Part of building a community involves making people feel comfortable. It’s counter-productive to have areas where people wonder where they are or how to get to another area easily. There should always be signs – such as monument signs – pointing the way to different areas around a university. Don’t forget your campus map kiosk areas, which help everyone find their way.

For events, you can have fun with whimsical shapes and bright colors. In this way, it is possible to create a fun, creative atmosphere, as well as promoting fun and knowledge.

Building signs in universities should be a high priority when looking to re-shape or re-design a college. Competition for new students and donors is fierce. With building signs, you can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your location. In effect, you can alter how people feel and what they think about being associated with your university.

We are expert at showing you how building signs can significantly impact your school’s image and branding. We are experienced and can handle any signage need at any stage. Give us a call today and begin turning your school’s life around with building signs that are not only helpful, but also say something positive about your school, its staff, and its students.

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