Shawnee, KS – Banner Signs for Events


When you are planning an event, space is important. You need to have enough space to fit your guests, put the food, have the entertainment, and more. Banners are a great choice for events because you can have them in any size, put them anywhere, and they take up very little cubic space. Your floor space doesn’t need to be affected at all, even if you have an enormous sign!

Banners work outside for any occasion. They can be attached to virtually any surface outdoors from a picnic table to a chain-link fence to the back of a pick-up truck. Banners can announce what the event is for, of course, but they can also advertise your business during someone else’s event. Or how about making a banner depicting the sponsors of your event. Outdoor banners can showcase your logo. Need help with your logo? Don’t worry. We can help you create a brand-new logo or develop your existing design.

Banners work indoors, too. They can be draped across the top of a railing, attached between two walls, or hung from any wall either vertically or horizontally. Whatever your imagination can bring forth, we can help bring to life.

Banners are an inexpensive way to have a sign that you only need for one event or that you only use once a year. It keeps costs down while still allowing you to have a professional looking sign or signs at all of your events.

We don’t just stop at banners though. We are a full-service signage firm that can take care of all of your signage needs. Outdoors we can create monument signs, site signs, post and pole signs, Illuminated channel letters with LEDs, and more. Indoors, we can handle all of your signage needs, with lobby signs, wayfinding signs, directional signs, ADA signs, and graphics, to name a few products.

We can even take you on-the-go with one-of-a-kind event or trade show displays. We can take care of any of your vehicle wrapping or fleet graphic needs. From start to finish, we are with you every step of the way. From conception to installation and maintenance, we are the only signage firm you will ever need.

Now is the perfect time to call. You can reach us by calling or by visiting us online. Our expert team of designers is looking to talking with you.

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