Shawnee, KS-Acrylic Lobby Signs


We designed, fabricated, and installed this beautiful custom lobby sign for a good friend and client of ours. When Jill of Jill Zavada Wellness contacted us she wanted a sign that would represent her brand and speak to her customers. Jill’s goal is to position her business as the “go to” solution for a better healthy way of living. We scheduled a consultation with Jill to learn about her business and better understand her vision. Once we kicked around some ideas we settled on a couple methods and immediately moved to design phase.

During the design phase, Jill consulted with us that she wanted a sign that represents her brand. Something that was “green”. Jill wanted soft, clean, letters with an eye-catching font choice. We came up with an ombre of greens effect that started out light and moved to dark, essentially a gradient. After Jill approved the design, we then were tasked on what material to make the sign out of.

Design Final

Where this lobby sign was being placed, we decided on 8″ tall acrylic letters that were 1/2″ thick. We then painted the letters using a gradient-light to darker green that matched her charcoal wall nicely. We created a custom template from the artwork that would aide us in installing the letters straight and level. We then affixed the letters to the wall using very high bond tape on the back of each letter.


Jill Zavada Wellness is positioned nicely on the second floor of a large commercial building with multiple businesses such as: restaurants, clothing stores, coffee shop, etc. Jill’s acrylic lobby sign was a perfect size and was positioned above eye level to attract attention from potential clients that were shopping and eating. This effect worked immediately after we installed the lobby sign. Patrons were coming up and asking Jill for information on her business.3D Letter Lobby Signs Kansas

Lobby signs’ benefits far outweigh the costs of owning one. A well made lobby sign will tell your customers who you are. A classy lobby sign like Jill’s gives your clientele the best first impression; exactly what your business needs. Don’t skip out on making a lasting impression. Call us today for a consultation.


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