JCPRD Uses Ford Van Wraps in Lenexa KS to Promote Facilities!


The Johnson County Park & Recreation District serves the community with a broad range of programs and available facilities. Just recently, JCPRD announced the grand opening event for a new park as well as a new inclusive playground. With so much going on in the community, the organization wants to promote its work. A representative contacted our sign shop to commission Ford van wraps in Lenexa KS.

Joining the Mobile Marketing Revolution at the Community Level

Ford Van Wraps Lenexa KS

Mobile marketing is not just for businesses and the commercial sector. City and county agencies, too, now begin to take advantage of the mobile marketing revolution. We received the specs from JCPRD to facilitate proper branding. Next, we used the sides of the van to advertise the corporate challenge that the organization currently supports.

Each side of the van features a different vignette. Doing so heightens the interest in the message. Moreover, it underscores the connection between the JCPRD and a healthy, active lifestyle. For the hood, we minimized the visual displays by featuring only the organization’s website address. The upper portion of the van’s rear doors repeat the website address and encourage social media engagement as well.

Full van wraps Lenexa KS

Now, the van is an integral part of the JCPRD’s outreach effort. It creates a strong brand presence that showcases what the department is all about. Moreover, the graphics encourage resident and business involvement.

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Best Van Wraps in Lenexa KS

What could your van wrap look like? If you operate a fleet of vehicles, consider treating each one. The majority of business owners like to create a uniform look with their wrap products. That said, you do not have to limit yourself. Another option is the design of multiple wrap presentations that catch the attention of consumers in the area.

A full wrap covers the entirety of your vehicle’s exterior – except for the windows. It is an excellent option for creating an enticing advertisement and rendition of your brand message. When you want to cover between a quarter and three-quarters of the vehicle, a partial wrap is a good idea. Choose it for pinpointing specific messages, displaying a services menu, or featuring a targeted call to action.

Another option is the combination of a graphics product with lettering. The pictures show your corporate symbol while the lettering spells out your organizational details. Contact information should be the primary focal point of this design. Learn about your options by contacting our sign shop today!

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