Aquinas Home Health Promotes with Multi-Site Window Graphics in Shawnee KS and Kansas City MO!


Aquinas Home Health is a family-owned business. It specializes in giving care to individuals who have chosen to age in place. To make it easier for patients and their families to locate the offices, the company contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of multi-site window graphics in Shawnee KS and Kansas City MO.

Window Graphics Boost Wayfinding Capabilities

Multi-Site Window Graphics Shawnee KS

We worked with the management team to put together an attractive brand expression of the agency’s display. We started by placing the address, the company’s name, and its logo on the upper third of the glass door. Our technicians kept the brand message intact by using colorful vinyl that presents the blue and green tones of the corporate identity.

Next, we spelled out the hours of operation as well as contact details. The goal was to make it easy for visiting clients to know when talking face to face with a staff member would be possible. Moreover, since this agency accepts resumes of home caregivers and medical professionals, it made sense to display the mailing address as well. Doing so would allow them to forward their credentials.

Multi Site Window Graphics Kansas City MO

Aquinas Home Health operates another location in Kansas City, MO. For this office, we only placed the company’s name, logo, office hours, and phone number on the glass door. Suite numerals round out the presentation for clients visiting the location there.

What Could Your Business Do with Multi-Site Window Graphics?

The hours of operation, your corporate identity, and phone numbers are just a few of the details that you might place on your glass door. However, you have additional options.

Window Graphics Shawnee KS | Kansas City MO

  • Website address. Entice passersby with your website address. When they want to learn more about your products or services, this is the best way to get the information.
  • Social media handles. Encourage consumer engagement on various social media platforms. Announce special events that you might host there.
  • Taglines. Help with brand awareness building by including a slogan on your door. Like a jingle during a radio commercial, it makes it much easier for consumers to remember your name.

If you are considering installing new window graphics in Shawnee KS or Kansas City MO, or their surrounding areas, we can help. We work with you on products that follow a standard concept or deviate from the norm. Many business clients have had excellent success by tying in their window graphics with sales details on posters and A-frames. These products then expand on the message you tease in the window. Contact us today to learn more!

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