How Essential Hotel Signs Can Enhance the Guest Experience


Signs in a hotel lobby need to meet the needs and mindset of new guests arriving for the first time and provide a sense of familiarity and homecoming for returning guests. Essential hotel signs need to communicate your brand identity, attract your target audience, and deliver a simple and clear message. To make sure that your lobby signage is making life easier for your guests, you need a cohesive signage strategy and sign design. 

What Are the Essential Hotel Signs?

You always have to think about how your hotel signs are helping your guests. Consider their entire journey and then map out all the signs, directions, and information they need to find their way seamlessly to your destination. Once they have arrived, help them navigate your premises from reception to their rooms. 

Essential hotel signs include directional signs.
Exterior directional signs help ensure a seamless guest experience from arrival to departure

Hotel Signs Include:

  • Exterior directional signs
  • Monument and architectural signs
  • Building signs
  • Interior directional signs
  • Functional signs/Identification signs
  • ADA signs
  • Safety/warning signs

Directional Signs

Exterior directional signs should seamlessly guide your guests to the hotel entrance. The more seamless it is to find your hotel, the happier the guests will be when they arrive. 

Hotel Building Sign

The exterior hotel building signs will be the anchor of your signage and cement your brand personality. All other signs should take a cue from your exterior hotel building sign. 

When your hotel sits away from the street on a large piece of property, a monument sign sits proudly at the entrance, near the street, to attract attention and increase visibility. 

Interior Directional Signs

Interior directional signs need to be clear and easy to follow. Easily visible and organized to choreograph the flow of foot traffic in the lobby. The lobby is a large public space, and interior signs will ensure that everyone can easily find their way to their destination, whether it’s the reception area, hotel bar, pool, or parking lot. 

Hotel Signs
Make sure you have both directional signs and functional signs indicating that guests have arrived at their destination

Functional Signs

Directions are great, but you need a functional sign that identifies each area, room, section, or pubic space so that your guests know when they have arrived. 

Hotel Warning Signs

With many amenities and guests of all ages, you have a responsibility to ensure everyone’s safety. Warning and instructional signs reduce liability and inform the public of how to act, avoid injuries, and enjoy their stay. 

ADA Signs

Make your hotel inclusive with ADA signs. Make sure your signs comply with ADA rules and regulations, and consider including tactile elements, like braille, to make your hotel accessible and enjoyable for guests of all abilities. 

Get Essential Hotel Signs That Deliver a Clear Brand Message

Our team will work with you to create a complete signage package for your hotel. We ensure that your hotel signs embody your brand identity, deliver clear messages, and raise the guest experience. 

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