Custom Sign Design Creates Brand Consistency


Creating brand consistency is the key element to powerful and effective custom sign design. From your logo signs to interior signs, wall murals, and directional signs, a recognizable brand voice should speak with confidence and consistency, delivering important messages and shaping the consumer experience. 

Why Custom Sign Design Strengthens Your Brand

Consistent Sign Design
Your interior and exterior signs need to speak with a consistent brand voice

All of your signs need to speak with one unified brand voice. While all signs may have a primary purpose, particularly when it comes to promotional signs and wayfinding signs, they should still be unique to your brand. Generic signs won’t build brand recognition or awareness. Whether you have a directional sign in the parking lot or a promotional billboard on the other side of town, your audience should be able to recognize both signs as belonging to your brand instantly. 

Custom signs in a signs strategy should include:

  • Logo signs
  • Wayfinding and directional signs
  • Interior branding 
  • Window graphics
  • Wall murals

How Custom Sign Design Create Brand Consistency

It’s about more than just replicating your logo on every sign; it’s about finding unique style elements, from color, typography, symbols, images, tone, language, textures, and materials that connect each sign. Achieve brand consistency through thoughtful, creative, and custom sign design. 

Not only does repetition work when it comes to branding, but consistent sign design will also have a pleasing and calming effect on consumers. Consistency is comforting because it is recognizable and familiar. Consistent, high-quality sign design signals stability and dependability, and that is important to consumers. 

Cohesive Brand Experience

One sign doesn’t make a brand; you need a complete custom sign strategy to deliver a cohesive brand experience. We help clients look at the big picture, connecting exterior signs and interior signs, guiding the consumer journey, and delivering a seamless brand experience.  

Get Interior and Exterior Custom Signs

Let’s work together to find the right sign and graphics solutions to deliver your brand message, shape the consumer experience, and increase visibility and recognition with custom signs

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