Tonganoxie Police Department Reveals Dodge Charger Vehicle Graphics!


Just a short drive away from Kansas City, Tonganoxie has all the small-town appeal you love. The city has its own police department with a dedicated fleet of vehicles. Just recently, we received a call from the department’s manager to discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of Dodge Charger vehicle graphics.

Transforming a New Dodge Charger into a Police Vehicle

Dodge Charger Vehicle Graphics
A look before we installed the graphics and lettering
Police Car Vehicle Graphics Tonganoxie KS
What a difference when graphics and lettering are added

The project began with the purchase of a new Dodge Charger. After the department bought the car, it needed graphics that would identify the vehicle as an official patrol unit. We created three distinct sets of images.

Vehicle Graphics for Police Cars Tonganoxie KS

  • Door panel. The door graphic identifies the vehicle as being part of the Tonganoxie Police Department’s fleet. Its white backdrop contrasts well with the black car color. Moreover, we placed the city’s seal and department name on the panel.
  • Motto. Continuing the use of gold lettering, we placed the Department’s motto on the rear portion of the fender. It also identifies the emergency number to call.
  • Rear lettering. Gold lettering on the trunk portion spells out the fact that this car is a police vehicle and provides the city’s website address. Numerals on the bumper give the particular fleet number for this Dodge Charger.

Treating Fleet Vehicles is Always a Good Idea

Police Car Vinyl Lettering Tonganoxie KS

You do not have to be in charge of the local police department to appreciate the power of mobile brand identification. Business owners across the country are now participating in mobile marketing and branding. For example, something as simple as presenting your company’s name and logo alongside contact information can have a significant impact on would-be customers.

You quickly identify yourself as a thought leader in your niche. Consumers recognize you as a significant player in the field. Even if your company is not the biggest on the block, the mere fact that you boldly present your branding makes a considerable difference in the overall perception others develop. When you use several vehicles in the course of doing business, you multiply the positive impact of the message.

Which Set of Vehicle Graphics is Right for Your Police Department?

You might not need Dodge Charger vehicle graphics. Maybe you are using Fords or Toyotas for your police vehicles. Rather than four-door sedans, you might use box trucks, pickup trucks, or vans. Our shop can help you upgrade the look from generic to brand-specific in no time! Contact us today to find out which set of graphics would be ideally suited for your company.

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