Must-Have Interior Wayfinding and Directional Signs for Shawnee KS!


How do you help customers or clients to navigate your location? If you are in charge of managing an office building, is it easy for consumers to find the right tenant? School administrators and hospital management teams, too, need directional signage that assists visitors with finding their ways around large-scale office and venue setups. With the right interior wayfinding and directional signs for Shawnee KS, businesses and public service locations, doing so is a snap.

Wall-Mounted Directories Pinpoint Locations

Interior wayfinding and directional signs Shawnee KS

Install these directories at entrances, near elevator banks, and at stairwells. They spell out the offices on each floor of the building. For schools, these directories help with locating classrooms, administrative offices, and areas of common interest. Install one set of directories for each floor. Adding arrows further boosts wayfinding functions.

Change Inserts to Keep the Signage Relevant

Interior Directional Signs Shawnee KS

Building management companies like assembled signage products because they make it easy to change the inserts. If a tenant leaves or switches suites, simple make appropriate changes to the signage. A protective acrylic lens keeps the directories looking sharp and free of smudges.

Integrate Wayfinding Signs into Your Locale’s Interior Décor

Interior Wayfinding Signs Shawnee KS

Most directories come with a brushed aluminum framework. However, you do not have to limit yourself to this look. Choose wood end caps to beautify the appearance of the product. Moreover, doing so may make it fit in perfectly with the atmosphere that you are seeking to create for your locale.

Flat or Curved Signs?

Interior Directory Signs Shawnee KS

The majority of business owners prefer the slight curvature of the signage. It makes it more pleasing to the eye. Some suggest that this curving makes it easier for people to read the details from various angles. Another option is the flat front display. It is available in all sizes and can be an excellent addition to already existing signage products in the area.

Include Corporate Details with Interior Wayfinding and Directional Signs for Shawnee KS

More and more businesses now opt for a presentation of their corporate persona alongside the suite numbers and tenant names. Building management companies may choose to brand their firms instead. Doing so adds name recognition and brand awareness to the mix. After all, consumers spend plenty of time studying these signs as they visit the buildings.

Do not leave the ease of wayfinding to chance at your location. Not being able to find what they are looking for is a major complaint among consumers. Prairie Fire Signs and Graphics can help. We serve the business communities in and around Shawnee, Kansas City, Lenexa, Overland Park, and Lawrence, KS. Contact us today to learn more!

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