Highly Visible Custom Directories to Guide Customers


Having clear signage is an important aspect of helping your customers have their best experience in your store. They allow you to shape the customer experience and tell your branding story. From the moment they enter your store until they leave, you’re able to guide them and determine the experience that they have with your store. Custom directories are the perfect tool to give you absolute control over telling your brand story. When you use directory signage, you’re taking the customer experience into your hands, and you’ll be glad you did.

Why Does This Matter?

Interior wayfinding and directional signs Shawnee KS
Building directories are very handy for visitors

This kind of signage needs to be large and visible in order to catch the customer’s attention. Custom directories allow you to choose where the customer goes in your store and in what order. It also prevents them from getting lost. Having a customer get frustrated with your store design is one of the quickest ways to be sure that they never return. People should not have negative associations with your store or brand, and anything that you can do to minimize or prevent that is going to be a worthwhile investment on your part. Be sure that you’re doing what you can to prevent them from even getting lost in your store. 

Is It Right for Me?

Custom directories are always useful, but they’re especially important for certain industries. If you manage a hospital, parking garage, mall or shopping center, airport, or something similar, then custom directories can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your customers happy. 

If you’re interested in custom directories, then make sure you get help from a professional. Here at Prairie Fire, we’re committed to bringing you the best signage possible. Visit our website today to learn more about this and other offers.

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