Enhancing Your Hotel Lobby With Great Signage


Hotel lobbies are the first impression guests get when they check in. Making a great first impression is key, and one of the best ways to do that is with great hotel lobby signs. Hotel lobby signs help set the tone and mood of the lobby, and can even help guide guests around the property.

Hotel Lobby Sign Options

Reception desks are a great option to boost your branding
  1. Wayfinding Signs: Wayfinding signs are incredibly useful for directing guests to the different areas of your hotel. You can choose signs that use words, arrows, or even pictures to help people find their way around the building. Be sure to include signs for the front desk, elevators, dining areas, and any other important spaces.
  2. Reception Desk Signs: Your reception desk sign is an important way to make a great first impression on guests. Choose a sign that features your hotel logo in bold lettering and is easy to read from a distance. It should also match the overall design of your hotel lobby.
  3. Room Number Signs: Room number signs should be easy to spot and be in line with the look and feel of your lobby. Choose signs that are bright and colorful, with clear and concise text. This will help ensure that guests can easily find their rooms.

Make it Beautiful and Functional, and Display Important Info

When it comes to decorating a hotel lobby, the possibilities are nearly endless. To help you create an inviting and functional space, consider adding signage to your lobby. Signage can be used to draw attention to features, display important information and provide directions.

One of the first things to consider when selecting signage for your lobby is how it will look in your space. While eye-catching, modern signage can give your lobby a more modern look, classic signs can also create a timeless, sophisticated atmosphere. Select signs that complement the overall design of your lobby while also adding a bit of personality.

Next, think about how the signage you select will function in the space. For example, directional signs can be placed near the entrance of the hotel to direct guests to specific areas or rooms. You can also use signs to draw attention to special services or amenities, such as a restaurant or bar.

Finally, don’t forget to keep your signage up-to-date. As policies change or new services become available, make sure your signs reflect any updates. Doing so will keep your lobby looking and functioning at its best.

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