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We’re a full-service sign company passionate about helping other businesses and brands realize their full potential. The best signs come from a true collaboration between our clients and us. Your brand has a unique story that deserves to shine through in every sign. If you’re in the Kansas City, MO are and need high-impact custom branding solutions, like Outdoor Signs, we can help you from idea to installation. 

Why Channel Letters Are the Preferred Building Business Sign

Channel Letters are one of the most sought-after business logo signs, and for good reasons. Channel letters are:

  • Customizable
  • Dimensional
  • Energetic
  • Highly-visible
  • Illuminating
  • Professional

Customize channel letters to suit your brand and building

Channel letters are easily customizable to capture your brand personality and aesthetics. An effective business sign will have recognizable features, like color, font, textures, and symbols. Individually shaped channel letters perfectly capture all the essential visual elements that make your brand unique. 

Not only should the channel letters mirror your logo, but they need to look good on your building facade. The right placement, size, and proportion of the sign are just as important as color-matching and style-matching. 

Illuminated channel letters

Perhaps the best feature of channel letters is the illumination abilities. There are typically three styles of lighting that will add an extra wow-factor:

  • Front-lit channel letters
  • Back-lit channel letters
  • Combination-lit

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